Lumaktaw sa nilalaman

Finances and Relationships

Hunyo 19, 2010

Finances and Relationships to me are like Death and Taxes. It has come to a point that I am confronted by them, that there is no escape, and I have to deal with them or suffer the consequences. I have lived all my life playing the innocent one, avoiding, not being serious about them, thinking these are not things I need to understand, or even need in my life. Alas! The day has come for me to question all these assumptions.

Financial Intelligence is something I have to develop now. My financial situation, or the lack thereof, is a testament to my “fake” independence. How can I be independent when I can’t really fend for myself? How can I truly live the life that I want when I don’t have the money to do so? Money is not evil. It is energy, as valuable as time and physical energy. A healthy financial life allows us to do more things for ourselves, and for others. Doing good can be maximized if we can afford to do good more, than to be stuck worrying about our next meal, or when we’ll be able to fulfill our dream vacation, or dream house.

Relationships have also hounded me lately. For the longest time, I’ve said to myself, “Relationships are only distractions to the work I do for the world.” Ha! Says who?? Just recently I encountered this line: The true test for spirituality is in the quality of one’s relationships. How can I believe that I am doing great work in the world when I can’t even integrate my relationships to my life? When I sacrifice my loved ones for the love of my work? The inner work we do, focusing on our relationship with ourselves and others is as important as the outer work, the big things that are aimed at changing the world. If we cannot find the time to help our loved ones understand what we are telling the rest of the world, then are we coming from authenticity and integrity? Do we need to develop compassion more? And, at the end of the day, why are we working so hard anyway, for whom? For our loved ones, and also for ourselves. Ultimately, everything is about relationship.

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