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Taking Back Our Power

Hulyo 10, 2010

We all have power. The “old world” in which most of us still live in might have led us to believe that only a few people were endowed with power. Only those who are rich, or those in positions of authority have the power. I totally disagree. Again, we all have the power: to choose, to create, and to live a life in freedom. The moment you choose to believe that you don’t have the power, then what do you expect? You get stuck in whatever black hole you dug up for yourself. And the only way you’ll get out is when you shift your thoughts, believe in your own power, and choose differently. Everything we’ve ever experienced is our own creation, our own choice. If we believe we’re not living in freedom, it’s because of our choices. We do create our own reality. And all these, I’ve experienced in my own life.

Whatever belief I have about myself will present itself in my reality, in the situations I find myself in. It’s hard to keep checking our thoughts, and even harder to figure out the thoughts that are buried deep in our unconscious…those thoughts that feed our behaviors, those that we have repressed consciously or unconsciously. It’s a painful process to have to go through, but just like trying to get the most precious pearl inside an oyster, there’s no other way but to dive in, get that oyster, then crack it open. My personal drama has revolved around three things: Trust, Worth, Love — lack of trust in myself, and believing that I am unworthy, and unloveable. So, of course, what do I get? Situations wherein these belief systems are continually affirmed. A vicious cycle of abuse that I inflict upon myself, and other people. If you believe you’re unloveable, then you constantly try to find that love in other people, and those people will of course eventually give you what you want — to reinforce your belief. If you don’t trust yourself, then you constantly break your word, sabotage whatever good you’ve somehow created in your life…and of course you attract people who are not trustworthy, because again they are just reflecting and reinforcing your belief. If you think you’re unworthy, you strive hard to achieve and create that worth but when you almost have it, you’ll also get on that self-sabotage pattern and yes prove what you’ve always believed about yourself, that you’re unworthy. And when you see all these things, you can only say, “wow, my life is a mess.” Now what?

Now, it’s time to find the truth. It’s time to find my truth. That I only have to change my beliefs, change my “sponsoring thoughts”, as Neale Donald Walsch wrote in Conversations with God. It’s time to end the vicious cycle, end the drama, and take back my power, take back our power. It’s a difficult path, but it’s the best path: to constantly believe in one’s worth, believe and practice love for self, and live in complete trust. But if you’re committed to this path then all the neediness, abuse, power struggle, suffering ends. There’s only you and your gifts to share to the world. There’s only you emanating and being love.

Imagine if all of us know our power, all of us have taken back our power, and all of us are creating from our hearts, creating a world of love. That is a world of our dreams. A world we can choose to create.

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  1. Setyembre 14, 2010 8:37 umaga

    love ko ang “sponsoring thoughts”…kaya siguro nabuo ang karakter ng “fairy godmother” ano? hahaha, meron nga talaga tayong built in ninong at ninang!!! padayon pa nex! nasusundan ko diwa mo…:-)))

    • consciouspinay permalink*
      Setyembre 14, 2010 10:45 umaga

      hmmm…interesting observation…;p

  2. Disyembre 12, 2016 8:12 umaga

    I love your posts.

    • consciouspinay permalink*
      Disyembre 12, 2016 12:35 hapon

      Thank you. 😊

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