Lumaktaw sa nilalaman

Inner Journey: the next phase

Enero 3, 2011

Just as 2010 was bidding us all goodbye, I felt my journey coming to an end…or detouring to a new beginning. I’ve stepped into a new space, a wonderful world that seemed to open up inside me. It is filled with light, love and tremendous peace. I’ve never been to this “place”, although I have longed for it my whole life. Yet, at the same time, it is all too familiar. It feels like home.

When one gets to this space, this Sacred Space, you find that you don’t even have to think about what to do with your outer world. You don’t even have to think, period. You have complete trust in what you feel. You know that it can only get better…and better. The old ways of doing things just fall away. My inner journey took me from autumn to winter and now it’s spring. I have given birth to a new me.

What does the new me look like? I still have no idea. If I did, then I’d just be rummaging from my old set of identities. And, honestly, they’re all worn-out. I love recycling, but I know when to give up something that does not fit anymore. The best clue is when you’re getting suffocated and uncomfortable, or when you feel limited by the lack of options. It’s not been easy for me in the past, especially for someone like me who suffers from “attachment syndrome” (this is my own diagnosis, although I know there are sufferers out there like me). I get deeply, crazily attached to things that give me a sense of meaning, worth and love. Of course, when you lack these things, or fail to see these qualities in yourself, you have a great need to find it in other people and in material stuff.

Anyway, I do know that the new me is still human. And I will have bits and pieces of my old identities, just like a baby getting his/her DNA, genes and characteristics from his/her parents. I also know that I’m going to be a different kind of human, listening more to my heart, my soul and my intuition (which is really my way of communicating with the Universe); moving into the world coming from a place of light and love. This time with the inner strength and love that I continue to cultivate and nurture.

So, what is the next phase? From light to more light. A light that will be shared to others. From this inner spring…to summer! Now, what would that look like? I still don’t know, but I am truly excited.

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