Lumaktaw sa nilalaman

the Emerging Healer in Me

Marso 8, 2011

Last year, between April and May, during the Emerge! International Training for Cultural Creatives that I co-organized with some young people, I had a glimpse of a “different” and “amazingly powerful” me. One that seems to be who I really am, but not yet. An emerging, future possibility. It was the most wonderful experience to have  been given that opportunity, to see what one can BE (or maybe one was already but hidden through layers of shadows and darkness).

Equally amazing was the chance to be in communion with people, who at that time also seem to be encountering their own emerging selves.

Going back into our “daily lives”, into our “ordinary selves” was shocking. In fact, after the experience I went straight into depression. After experiencing “heaven on earth”, I went and dove into oblivion, the abyss, rock bottom or “hell”…of my own making. The easiest thing to do was to succumb to the darkness and stay there. The most challenging was to find the light within and to open one’s heart to love oneself.

Staying with the process, I realized that I have been truly blessed. My journey towards healing has allowed for the emergence of the healer in me, the me that I encountered as a future possibility. Slowly, lovingly I am becoming who I was meant to be.

In the recent days, in constant dialogue with the Universe, I have been shown various avenues for continuous healing — for myself, and others as well. I see now that everything I’ve done in my life was leading me to this path, for this very purpose. The integration of my past and future is becoming clear in my present reality. Healing and empowering myself and others, using all my gifts (talents and skills), is my unique contribution to the world.

Moving towards my 33rd year come September, I am ready to be a vessel to help co-create heaven on earth, to bridge Spirit and Matter, to walk the Jesus path. The trials that were “thrown at me” in the past couple of months helped strengthen me as a willing, open and loving vessel.

The healer in me grows stronger as I continue to believe in myself and love myself. Doubts and fears are accepted, embraced and then released. Focused and open, strong and vulnerable, trusting and loving…I walk consciously on to create the life I am meant to live: blissful and purpose-driven.

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