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I am GAS-SENG! (my ancient name)

Abril 25, 2011

Me and KB Yolanda Liban Manalo  I am still amazed at how my journey is going. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, where one piece is necessarily linked and most of the time leads to the next. Well, it’s probably that way ever since, or that’s probably how it was designed. Or maybe that was how I co-designed it before I went back to earth, when I was still in the spiritual world, planning with the rest of the spirits and divine beings there. It’s just funny how I never really saw it that way before, or I was not aware of it and was only able to see things more clearly and more consciously now. What do I mean?

Well, let’s start with my last blog (which is the usual way I start, because like this blog, my life seems to be a continuation of where I was before…and again, that’s probably “life 101”, right?). Anyway, in my last entry, I said that my journey has led me to the emergence of the healer in me. And voila! I get to meet one of the most important healers of this time, probably even beyond what we know of the word “healer”, here in the Philippines. She is embodied in the personality of Kataastaasang Babaylan (High Priestess) Yolanda Liban Manalo, of the group or community Celyo Rizal (one of the many Rizalista groups in the country). I guess, when you open doors, you really have to be prepared to go through the doorway and find more doors to open…if you so choose. Then the door (with whatever lesson is there for you to learn) shows up exactly at the time that you need it and when you are ready for it. How much you learn from that lesson, again is entirely up to you and how open or ready you are. Boy, this time around…I was open and ready!

In Kataastaasang Babaylan Yolanda Liban Manalo, I somehow found myself (or a version of myself that I was yet to rediscover) and a lot of my deep questions (even those that were not articulated in words) got answered. It was as if I had encountered a Divine Being of the highest order, who truly, totally know who I am. She spoke of deep truths that resonated with my whole being, past-present-future, across time and space, all at once. What was really magnificent was that she spoke in the language of my motherland and spoke intelligently, humorously, truthfully…no pretensions, no hidden lies (which I have the gift for knowing, given an “internal barometer” that I was born with, as an Indigo). Woah…ok, now what is an Indigo? Well, I don’t want to go on about being an Indigo here, that’s for another blog entry I guess. But, you can easily find out online, just enter the words Indigo Child, Indigo Adults, Indigo Phenomenon, etc.

Back to my encounter with the KB…you see, I had been reading articles by the “new age” people, and I keep resonating with them (I actually consider myself “new age” too, although I don’t agree with the term new age because we are in the new age, that term has got to evolve, or maybe it has and I have yet to find out what it evolved into) but now I was granted an opportunity to be with someone who understood me, completely. She knew what I know deep within and of course, she knows even beyond, and knows not just about me but about other people (and nature, other beings, ancient truths) as well.

She spoke about my past karma, a trauma in one of my past lives that has had an impact and effect on how I live my life at present. She was spot on. Exactly! I’m not too comfortable sharing it here though, so…I won’t. Then she gave me an exercise on how to start releasing that karma. I’ve done it most of the time, of course I’d forget once in a while, but I felt a huge difference. I felt lighter, like I lost a lot of baggage and burden. Plus, knowing about it already made a huge difference. I can see how it plays into my life, into my drama.

And, the most significant gift she gave me (and the rest of the people who were part of our group) was my ancient name: Gas-Seng. This is of course a translation because it was written in ancient script. What it means is Spark, or like a Key. She said that it means a wayshower, a precursor, someone who starts something or opens something so that others can follow. Woah…YES, THAT’S ME ALRIGHT! I’ve always seen my path as lonely, and myself as misunderstood. I keep wanting to do stuff that seem quite farfetched, or even advanced for what is currently in my reality. Given this knowledge, given my ancient name, it all fell into place. The puzzle that is my self has finally found completion. Of course with room for expansion and growth. But, after knowing my ancient name, I felt this deep sense of peace, serenity, and love. I am Gas-Seng! I embrace myself fully…ancient-present-futuristic me!

Another interesting piece of information the KB shared (after rediscovering my ancient name, which was apparently part of my name or inherent in my name) was that I have a twin, embodied in male form in this lifetime. My theory is that because my name is a two-part name, that’s why. Haha. Just my theory. I have yet to ask the KB again. But, this was a true “aha” moment for me. I’ve always felt that something or someone was missing in my life. And, early on it was translated in a sort of “knight in shining armor”, “someday my prince will come” notion of that other. Then, as I grew older, specifically in the recent years, I realized that I was looking for a spiritual companion-spiritual colleague-best friend-partner who I will be with in this life to understand my purpose and path…the lover aspect, a bonus. I also have this deep knowing that I will know for sure who this person is and that we will start walking together (still walking our individual paths, but in partnership)…this year. A very exciting meeting indeed!

In the short amount of time I got to be with the KB, I felt I moved so far along on my path. And I can’t wait to go back and experience so much again the next time I meet her. In fact, she invited me back so that we (or she) can release the rest of my karma in order for me to move or glide onward to my life’s purpose! Yey! And of course, you’ll read more when that happens…pretty soon!

If you are interested to have the same experience and get to know our very own Kataastaasang Babaylan Yolanda Liban Manalo…don’t hesitate to comment here or send me a message. I tell you, being with her (if you are open and ready) is life-changing. And, as I embrace my current name and my ancient name…that means I open the door for other people to follow. So…if that’s you…just knock and I’ll lead you to her. Because, it’s time for all of us to embrace who we are.

Photo courtesy of: Louise Far and Contemporary Corporeality Dance Residency

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  1. tinted spirit permalink
    Abril 25, 2011 8:26 hapon

    Again, all these things you say here resonate with what is happening within me now and what I have been thinking as I observe myself. The feeling is enlightening but scary at the same time. I think making a comment here is simply my attempt to express that fear. Currently, I am making the journey alone because I want the genuine feeling to stay with me. I don’t want to overanalyse what’s happening lest I devalue my own experience. I hope to share it with you Nex when I am already able to transcend my biases against myself. I just wish to express my admiration for your courage to articulate this similar experience. I hope to do so, too in the near. But like any other growing pains, I may need more time…warm wishes! =)

    • consciouspinay permalink*
      Abril 25, 2011 10:37 hapon

      Hey Tinted Spirit,

      I hear you. All in good time. When you’re ready, then just holler, I’ll be here. Meanwhile, enjoy your journey to spirit. ;p

  2. Hunyo 12, 2011 12:12 umaga

    wow 🙂

  3. MJ Manapsal permalink
    Hunyo 17, 2011 2:56 hapon

    Mabuhay sa magandang paghahayag ng iyong karanasan tungkol sa Kataas-taasang Mahal na Apo Babaylan Reyna Yolanda Liban Manalo. Mapalad ang tunay na makakilala at makaunawa sa Kanila bilang Kataas-taasang Kapangyarihan na may gawa ng langit at lupa, ang Hari at Reyna ng langit at lupa.Masaya ang mabuhay kapiling ang Diyos na Buhay na nagkatawang tao, nakipisan sa tao. MABUHAY!

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