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Choose LOVE…always, all ways.

Mayo 25, 2011

It’s good to be reminded that choosing love over fear is what we’re here on earth for, what the spiritual journey is really about. If we see beyond the shadow, beyond the illusion of fear and find love in ourselves and in everything that we do, then we are consciously moving on the path to mastery.

Of course, easy to say, harder to do.

For every act, thought, word that we release into the world…are we always in a loving space? Check for yourself. Just for this day, go back to how you talked to yourself. What did you say to yourself this morning, lunch time, this afternoon or right before you read this post? What did you eat? Was it what your body needs, or wants? How did you communicate to other people? What did you think about them? Or what did you think about yourself? Try to notice these things for a few days and see if you are in a loving space most of the time, or even half of the time.

I struggle with this everyday. Maybe less than last year, but I still do. Every little self-talk or inner dialogue with myself, I have to stop and consciously remind myself — oops, that wasn’t coming from a place of love…! It’s easier to say loving things to other people than be loving to ourselves (but, loving another when you do not love yourself…is not really possible, at least that’s how I experienced it and that’s how I understand it now). And, it seems more “natural”, or maybe more convenient to blame ourselves, be negative about our lives, and prevent ourselves from doing things that will make us happy. It’s easy to react with fear, doubt, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, and pain than to choose love, hope, happiness, peace, light, and bliss. Again, it’s not easy, and it takes much courage to choose love always and all ways.

But, when you feel and see the difference it makes in your life…it gets easier and more joyous! Life becomes an opportunity, an exciting journey…an adventure that just keeps getting better and better. So, here’s to our adventures into love and our journeys as divine beings! Enjoy every moment, always, all ways!

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  1. Hunyo 10, 2011 11:28 hapon

    Nice blog! I recommend this blog to everyone. The author really makes a lot of sense.

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