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Freedom and Responsibility

Hunyo 11, 2011

What if we all know that we can create whatever we want? Or that we can always choose the life that we want to live? In fact…whatever is in our reality right now is what we’ve chosen. The life we are living. The world we are all in.

You’ll probably look around you, look back at this post, look at yourself and tell me…NO, THIS IS NOT THE LIFE I WANT. Then…what is it? What do you want? If you can create your world, what would it be like?

Yes, going deep within, recalling how I lived my life and being conscious of my thoughts, my words and actions everyday…I believe that we are all innately free. Limitations are those that we’ve set upon ourselves. The more we break free from these limitations, the more we expand, and the more we have the power to choose and create. But because of this great freedom, we suffer so much fear. This is where all of our pain, struggle and drama come from. We are free but we are living in fear.

What are we going to do with this great freedom? What are we going to create? What are we going to choose? Can’t others just choose for us? What if we fail? What if we can’t handle it? What if we succeed? It can’t be, why should we be granted so much freedom?

Because we are human beings, made in the image and likeness of God, the Divine, the Supreme Being, Bathala…we have the same powers. The problem is that we aren’t really aware of it, or we haven’t accepted that we are. Those who have an idea or have realized that…maybe, we are…have to go through the whole “We can’t be, we’re not worth it” drama.

Ok. So let’s say that you who are reading this, like me has accepted that I am entirely free to choose and create what I want. And, yes, I’ve figured out what I really want –happiness, bliss, service, abundance (let’s say that this is a detailed vision in our minds, hearts and even on paper). What is the next step?

Focus on Love. Choose Love. Create Love. Acknowledge, recognize and embrace the fear (or fears) that come(s) up…then choose and create Love. Yes, this one is tough. The toughest step yet. We’ve been so used to being controlled or in control, loved “conditionally” or love ourselves (and others) with conditions that we might get lost and give up. All our issues will rise to the surface. But this is also where the shift happens, in our hearts. When we choose and create from the heart…we will be able to manifest in our reality what we truly want, the life we dream of.

Another aspect of this freedom is responsibility. Can we be conscious of everything we create and choose…and be responsible at the same time? This means, for example, if we are choosing happiness and creating happiness…can we be responsible with this happiness? Or if we are going to choose abundance and create abundance…can we be responsible with the abundance that we manifested?

You see, the world we currently live in is also proof that we are not aware of our responsibility. We created and chose fear, and look around, we’ve sown so much fear. Did we take responsibility? We created and chose lies, doubts, apathy and powerlessness…did we take responsibility?

What if we start embracing both our freedom and responsibility? And choose and create only love? Try it for yourself. Imagine, feel, act.

I am continuously and consciously exercising this freedom and responsibility in my life at this time. There are moments when I’d rather give up, overwhelmed with fear. Then I remind myself to choose love. And, when I choose love…patience, compassion, hope, peace, trust…they all follow. Then I am also reminded to do things one at a a time, to be gentle with myself, nurturing whatever I choose and create. It’s the same with planting a tree, or taking care of a newborn. Well, I guess, since I’ve also just “given birth to myself”…I am a newborn. Hence, this need to truly take care of the new life that I hope to create for myself.

Why don’t you come journey with me? Embrace your own freedom and responsibility.

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  1. Agosto 15, 2012 10:42 umaga

    This helps me a lot. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • consciouspinay permalink*
      Agosto 24, 2012 8:44 hapon

      Hi, there. Good to know and you´re most welcome. Cheers!

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