Lumaktaw sa nilalaman

Stability in Flow

Hunyo 16, 2012

According to the life purpose calculator, which I deeply resonate with and accept as truth, one of my hidden callings or purposes in this life is Stability. Truly, this has been a recurring issue and challenge in my life – especially financial and emotional stability. I’ve always struggled with the balance between the ideal and the practical, the will and the higher mind. Well, of course, it didn’t really help that my heart was too scared and too closed to help out, to mediate or to actually provide synthesis and accept its role as my true center.

Before, my will or my “activeness” would be pushing me to create something, do something and make things happen, now. Passivity was something I detested. There was no saying “no” to me when I want something. Of course my higher mind, my vision of possibilities, ideas and ideals would take me to the opposite extreme. This idealism would make my will come to a full stop, question everything and make it abruptly change direction. I usually end up tired, frustrated, confused, angrier and in so much pain. I keep moving from one extreme to the opposite extreme, planting myself deep in the ground only to get pulled by my own stormy need for change and impatience with myself and with the world.

Now that my heart has opened slowly and I have somehow allowed it to be my true guide, I have found Stability in Flow. Both my higher mind (connected to idealistic and spiritual pursuits) and will (practicality and creative action) have slowly learned to Trust my heart’s guidance, the seat of my true connection with the Universe. I don’t struggle anymore, allowing my heart instead to lead me wherever I will grow, evolve and be of genuine service to others. I am equally redefining flow and stability, a more mature version of movement and structure that are anchored on spirit, love, peace and trust. Allowing the material realm to support me and my life on earth while continuously striving towards my higher Self and purpose.

I look around and I see that Nature has mastered Flow and Stability. The oceans, lakes and rivers continue to flow yet their flow is stable. The waves kiss the shore, recede and go back into the vast ocean, just as the rivers run as if they are on never-ending marathons. The wind blows, the seasons may change but we know that there will be Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Or, sunny, cloudy, windy and rainy days. Even with the stormy days in our country, the Philippines, we find stability in the fact that the season for storms come right at the tail end of our summer days.

As I flow naturally and build stability, I nurture the peace that has found its home within my heart.

What will be, will be.

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