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Typhoon Yolanda: Of Prophecies and Karmas

Nobyembre 15, 2013

Since I was a young child, my love for country has never waned – not even once. Really.

My love for my family, fluctuated. Love for boys (teenage years) and men were almost always roller coaster rides. Even the love for my pets or love for food was not as consistent as my love for country. Truth is, I just learned to love myself in the past year – but I have loved my country, the Philippines, the moment I was born. Or maybe even before birth. At least that’s how it feels like.

I could not bear the thought of leaving my country, in fact I did not join my family when they all left for Africa in 1995. I chose to be on my own, as a first year college student (16 years old), than go to Africa with them. I spent vacations visiting my family in Mozambique but only for short periods of time, the longest probably a little more than a month. It took almost two decades when I finally agreed to leave the Philippines (without any assurance of returning), to finally confront and heal my karma in Africa, a time that was very painful for me – not the karmic healing, but being away from my beloved land of origin. Alas, I found myself back after a year, last December 2012  and what was supposed to be a short and sweet vacation became what seems to be the continuation of my destiny/calling/karma – whatever you may want to call it – with the Pearl of the Orient.

January of this year, I was at the airport on my way back to Mozambique when I was stopped by Immigration and was not allowed to embark on the plane. I’ve always had problems with visas into other countries, specifically the USA and Germany, but to encounter this was just perplexing. Although I calmly took it because deep inside I felt that there was a reason that was beyond my understanding at that time.

So, what is it about the Philippines? What is it about me, as a Filipino/Pilipino? [ Although Filipino has been more commonly used, and even mandated, I am choosing to use Pilipino for the rest of this post, which I will explain later.]

You would probably understand if you are a Pilipino. This love for country is deeper than any national pride, racial supremacy or some form of attachment to identity. The “I AM” is intertwined with the “PILIPINO”, yet it does not boast nor discriminate. It just is. Stripped of everything, I can say that yes I am a human being like everyone else on the planet but I am a Pilipino human being.

This is why after centuries of colonization from the Spanish, Americans, Japanese, and some sprinkling of some other colonizers here and there, the Pilipino remains – not as Spanish, nor American or Japanese but still distinctly Pilipino. This is also why after all sorts of disasters, the Spirit of the Pilipino remains stronger than ever – precisely because it is the Spirit of the Pilipino.


Kataastaasang Babaylan Reyna Yolanda Liban Manalo, or Apo –  a truly remarkable high priestess (if not powerful being) with the group Celyo Rizal – shared so much wisdom during the times I’ve been with them (pumipiling kasama nila) and would tell me time and again about the meaning of the word PILIPINO. She is a real bastion of Pilipino ancient wisdom and spirituality and maintains that the Pilipino are the chosen (pinili) people, who have gone through purification (pinino). [You may read some posts about her and Celyo Rizal in this blog.]

In all my 35 years, I’ve encountered many stories about the Philippines and the Pilipino people but what struck me the most are two things: the Karma of the Pilipino people and the Prophecy about the Philippines.

KARMA Different religions/faiths, visionaries and folktales have talked about the Karma of the Pilipino people that goes something like this: it is the Karma of the people to go through great suffering to be able to realize and eventually embrace its role in healing the world. The people of the Pearl of the Orient, like the oyster that endures the pain of that trapped sand inside its shell, simultaneously irritating and transforming the mollusk until such time that a beautiful pearl is born.

PROPHECY It has also been prophesied that the Philippines shall hit rock bottom and like the Phoenix shall rise from the ashes and be a great light unto the world. This will only happen through true transformation, when its people recognizes and embraces the greatness that is within the land and within each Pilipino – because the Philippines is the Promised Land and the Pilipinos are the Chosen People. When this happens, the Philippines will usher in a new world/life/humanity, and it will be at the center as the wealthiest country and model for others to follow. [check out one such prophecy that has just recently resurfaced: Video from Facebook]

What is equally interesting and important – the very nature of the Karma of the Pilipino as a Collective Healer and Healer of the Collective seems to trigger the karmic healing of other nations and countries. We see this slowly happening, as the international community responds more consciously in aid of the Philippines, taking responsibility and addressing the negative karma that they have incurred as a collective many lifetimes ago – like the USA, Japan, Germany – not just against the Pilipino people but with humanity as a whole.

So, amidst the tragedy that has been brought about by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, while I weep with my fellow Pilipinos and do what I can to help, I feel this deep sense of hope, a knowingness and complete surrender to where all this will take us. From the Million People March to the relief efforts that are creating ripples of unimaginable change and transformation — we have reached the tipping point and there is no turning back. Yes, the phoenix is rising.

Lumitaw na ang Pilipinas at tayong lahat ay papaaangat na! Sa bawat pagtawag at paghikayat sa kapwa nating bumangon at tumulong, iniaangat natin ang ating mga sarili, ang ating kapwa, ang ating bayan, at ang buong mundo.

Mabuhay ang Pilipino! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


Alay ko ang awit na ito:



Lyrics by Nex Agustin / Music by Geejay Langlois

[MUSIC] (click to listen to the song)

Mula sa mahabang pagdurusa

Kasaysayang puno ng pighati

Tila wala nang pagasa 

ang bayang lugmok at lugami


Mga ninunong nagbuwis ng buhay

Mga bayaning di matapos ang laban

Paulit-ulit walang humpay 

Mga problema ng bayan


Ilang EDSA pa ba ang lilipas

Ilang gobyernong sakim at gahaman

Ilang taon pa tayong magtitiis

Bago magising at matauhan


Walang likas na api’t mahina

Lahat may tunay na kagalingan

Kailangan lamang itong makita

At panghawakan


Kung anuman ang nasa labas

Salamin ng nasa loob

Kung babaguhin ang Pilipinas

Simulan sa bawat Pilipino


Tanawin sa di kalayuan

Nakasilip na pagbabago

Hinihintay lang tayong kumilos

Hinihintay lang tayong magbago


Panahon na sa wakas!

Panibagong Pilipinas

Likhain mula sa sariling lakas

Ang perlas na bayan natin


Panahon na sa wakas!

Panibagong Pilipino

Marangal, malaya’t matalino

Tunay na perlas tayo, tunay na perlas tayo

Tunay na perlas tayo!!

9 mga puna leave one →
  1. Gil Villancio permalink
    Nobyembre 15, 2013 3:36 umaga

    Marami na ring Pilipino sa Mozambique…..

    • consciouspinay permalink*
      Nobyembre 15, 2013 3:49 umaga

      Opo, marami, at iba’t ibang mga propesyon nga. 😉

  2. Gil Villancio permalink
    Nobyembre 15, 2013 3:37 umaga

    mga titser, inhenyero at propesyonal….

    • consciouspinay permalink*
      Nobyembre 15, 2013 3:50 umaga

      Nasa Mozambique rin po ba kayo? O may kamaganak doon? 😉

  3. Gil Villancio permalink
    Nobyembre 15, 2013 3:15 hapon

    Nasa Nampula, Mozambique ako.

    • consciouspinay permalink*
      Nobyembre 15, 2013 11:21 hapon

      Ahh, sa Quelimane po ako last year, then Maputo bago pumunta ng Quelimane. Hello po sa inyong mga Pilipino diyan! Sana ay hindi naman kayo apektado ng mga kaguluhan o mga nakawan.

      • Gil Villancio permalink
        Nobyembre 16, 2013 3:23 umaga

        Sa panahong ito ang dapat unahin ay ang pagdamay at pagtulong at hindi ang pagpuna. Ang mahalaga nagagampanan natin ang mga mahahalagang bagay na iniatang sa atin.
        Dito ako sa namialo, Nampula. Tumutulong kami sa Mozambique para itatag ang Tropical Fruit Training Center sa Namialo, Nampula. Ok lang naman ang galaw dito sa Syudad ng Nampula.

  4. Gil Villancio permalink
    Nobyembre 15, 2013 3:28 hapon

    Kailangan natin ang mga ganitong positibong pananaw para sa mag Pilipino, kahit saan mang dako ng mundo sila naroroon.

    • consciouspinay permalink*
      Nobyembre 15, 2013 11:27 hapon

      Tama po kayo. Masyadong naging mababa ang tingin natin sa sarili, sa bayan at sa mga kapwa natin…at napakahilig sa panlalait ng kapwa, kahit maliit na bagay lamang samantalang may mahalaga tayong gagampanan sa mundo bilang mga Pilipino. 😉 Mabuhay po tayo!

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