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Corruption and Apathy: Pervasive and Personal

Hunyo 29, 2014

I admit it. I have become corrupt and apathetic.

In this day and age, in this country and in this world – who hasn’t? Who among us have really gone out and done something concrete to fight corruption, to pursue our passions, and to care about others beyond our own needs?

Who among us can say that we have not succumbed to all sorts of excuses, delays, carelessness and a lack of attention to the little things that matter, the invisible things that affect life in the grander scheme of things?

I definitely have become less of who I used to be, in terms of passion, commitment, caring and living a life of service and purpose – to myself and to others. I have somehow become someone who “couldn’t care less,” and honestly, a few years back, I would have hated myself for this but now, I don’t.

It is sad. Very sad and frustrating indeed.

How does one dig oneself out of apathy? How does one start to become as pure and uncorrupted as one was? How do you search for the light, or switch the light “on” in the darkened spaces of your inner being? Where will inspiration come from?

It’s easy to spit answers and judgments. Equally easy to write posts on Facebook or whatever social networking site to attack someone “out there”, voicing our critiques of the shoulds and the shouldn’ts and blaming the status quo, politics, institutions and everything else, including of course ourselves.

To what end? Have we really made a dent? Have we really changed anything? Have we moved ever so closer to the life we desire and the world we want to create?

Or, have we satisfied ourselves with a virtual community, with a virtual image of the life we want – only to find ourselves and our lives devoid of real connections, depth and meaning?

Maybe it’s just me, it’s just where I am at this point. I know I’m not the only one, other people feel the same way. That’s one good step I guess, I still “feel” something. Hopefully, the next step would be to act.

When, where, how? I don’t know. Let’s leave that open for now.

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